Who We Are


marten_hernen_fishery_consultantMartin Hernen is the principal of Hernen Consulting and has extensive experience in the aquaculture industry as a Director of the Australian National Aquaculture Council and CEO of various aquaculture industry associations.     His additional experience in working for, and with, various government departments and enterprises has resulted in a wide ranging management skill set.

This includes industry and business development, risk management, project management, research, implementation of research, environmental management and  competency training.

His experience and knowledge of the varying objectives and perspectives of industry, government and community, coupled with a practical, innovative, common sense approach and commitment to fairness, has allowed him to be a management catalyst.

This achieved the main objectives of profit, jobs, quality products and an improved environment for all parties.

This has also resulted in the establishment of a wide ranging network of colleagues who are experts in various fields and can be consulted regarding specific opportunities, risks and innovative solutions that arise.

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