Hernen Consulting

Seafood and Aquaculture Risk Management

Hernen Consulting was established because investment in Australian aquaculture had stalled due to requirements for initial high capital investment and lack of investor knowledge about the various opportunities and management of risks in the industry.

The uncertainty regarding returns on investment has been compounded by under-achievement by many aquaculture ventures which does not provide confidence for potential investors.

There is therefore a clear need for independent objective analysis of business proposals by a consultancy with access to practical, detailed and extensive knowledge of the aquaculture and seafood industry, so that investors can make informed decisions.

Equally, the consultancy should analyse how such proposals would enhance the environment.

Hernen Consulting provides that service.

John Burroughs, the American naturalist and nature essayist, said “Leap, and the net will appear”.

We can help to identify risks, offer innovative solutions and make that net appear.

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